Manufacturing overview of Global Transformation Longevity Products:
  • FDA Registered
  • Licensed Manufacturing Laboratories (cGMP)
  • Approved by Governmental Agencies (UK & EC)
  • All Ingredients have been selected based on clinical research, documented actions, bioavailability, purity,safety, and hypoallergenicity.
  • Tested for purity and potency through independent laboratories  
  • Free of preservatives, artificial flavors, and coloring
  • Free of common allergens such as gluten, wheat, corn, soy, yeast, and dairy
  • Certified by NSF International 

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    Calm & Focus CryoStem Cell Firming Ampule CryoStem Cell Hydrating Ampule
    Calm & FocusCryoStem Cell Firming Ampule CryoStem Cell Hydrating Ampule

    Calm & Focus Optimizes Magnesium delivery to body and brain. Lowers stress and anxiety level and improves mood swings and depression. Improves cognitive health. Helps with sleep and provides a calm feeling Increases energy level by relieving...

    "FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY" Skin Type: Oily and Combination. Dry/Mature skin types can use if skin is well hydrated. Skin Condition: Skin Tissue Laxity, Acne-Prone, Premature Aged, Photo-Damaged, and Scarring Key Features:  Instant & Natural..."FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY" Skin Type: Normal, Mature, Dry Skin Condition: Dehydrated, Photo-damaged, Photo trauma (Sunburn), Scarring, Stretch Marks, Abrasions, and Pigmentation Key Features: Provides intense hydration of the skin. Plumps fine...




    Re-Activate your Inner Glow Superior Antiaging Vital Micronutriants and Slim Support
    Re-Activate your Inner GlowSuperior AntiagingVital Micronutriants and Slim Support

    Reactivate Inner Glow Lightens the skin complexion and improve acne Slows down the natural process of ageing Helps in preventing dementia and multiple sclerosis Helps to prevent major degenerative illnesses such as Liver disease, Parkinson ,...

    Superior Antiaging ▪ Offers a far more bioavailable option for supplementing glutathione levels. ▪ Delivers Intracellular Antioxidant Sustenance ▪ Reduces free radicals and tissue degeneration. ▪ Reduces fine lines and wrinkles ▪ Treats acne,...Vital Micronutrients and Weight Support Contains Vitamins, Minerals, Fatty Acids, Fennel, Garcinia cambogia, CLA, White kidney bean High potency multiple vitamins and minerals nutrients supplement for daily use The high-potencies of vitamins E,...




    CryoStem Lift Stick Sprayers™ Healthy Probiotic Healthy Weight Support
    CryoStem Lift Stick Sprayers™Healthy ProbioticHealthy Weight Support

    provides the dynamic skin rejuvenating benefits of cell-to-cell communication


    Healthy Probiotic Healthy Probiotic contains 12 different well studied live and safe strain probiotics that promote and helpReplace and preserve the essential gastrointestinal microbiota often neglected due to diet or disturbed by antibiotic...

    Healthy Weight Support “Healthy Weight Support” is a dietary fiber, it: Manages weight by limiting caloric intake from ingested fats. Supports healthy blood lipid profile (triglycerides and cholesterol). Improves blood sugar...




    Healthy Youthful Look Island Infusion Body Nectar™ Probiotic Weight Support
    Healthy Youthful LookIsland Infusion Body Nectar™Probiotic Weight Support

    Healthy Youthful Look; Reduces fine lines and Wrinkles Thickens and strengthens hair Fortifies nails Supports healthy joints by Stimulating connective tissue formation Maintenances bone flexibility and healthy bone mineral density

    Island Infusion Body Nectar™ This unique Tropical body Nectar contains a rich blend o f emollients and soothing ingredients. The exclusive com bination of organic plant extracts, botanical oils, fruit lipids a nd natural vitamins penetrate...

    Help support healthy body weight by Removing energy from dietary elements and preventing absorption of additional calories. Synthesizing Conjugated Linoleic Acid for an advantageous result in order for body to burns fat. Healthy glucose...